About the foundation

Not so long ago, they were just an ordinary family - a happy home, joyful and healthy children,
parents working and raising their children… the day-to-day…
But today?
The child is battling cancer
and everything is falling apart -
the parents are collapsing under the financial burden and mental exhaustion, the children feel lost and find themselves having to cope with new, unbearable hardships.... the family starts to malfunction. Where do we go from here?
That’s where the “Lehosheet Yad” foundation comes in.

About the foundation, in short:
The “Lehosheet Yad” foundation is there to help such families get back on their feet and give them hope in their darkest times, through support, aid, and financial assistance to children with cancer and other complex disabilities.
The terrible cancer brings along a host of challenges and difficult situations with which the struggling children and their families have to cope, challenges that are at times beyond the families’ capabilities - the tremendous financial stress, obtaining non-government subsidised medicine and treatments, the mental anguish - are sometimes too much to handle.
“Lehosheet Yad” foundation reaches a hand to all the patient's needs.
Established in 2006 by Mr. Avraham Atar. The “Lehosheet Yad” Foundation’, which’s name speaks for itself, provides much needed mental and financial assistance to the children and their families and helps them spark a light in an otherwise very dark journey. We believe that happiness and joy are one of the most effective “medicines” and we do our best efforts to provide plenty.

Our founder, Avraham Atar:
About 6 years after establishing the foundation, Avraham’s son was diagnosed with cancer. Avraham’s close and personal encounter with the disease helped him and the foundation better understand the challenges and focus the foundation objectives more than ever before.
At “Lehosheet Yad”, we do everything to help children and give them all the reasons to be happy during that period.
Thanks to the amazing people we meet throughout our journey we were able to set up a flourishing volunteering operation that allows us to reach out and provide much-needed assistance to thousands of children battling cancer and other complex disabilities across Israel and bring to light projects that help them ease their daily struggle.
Among our volunteers are known artists and celebrities who contribute and take part in our activities.
The “Lehosheet Yad” Foundation acts in every aspect to provide the much-needed relief and support:
Rides to hospitals, recreational activities with volunteers, fun outings, dream vacations in Israel and abroad, financial support to the families, psychological counseling, making dreams come true for terminal patients, financial aid for purchasing non-subsidised medicine, medical consultation with doctors from around the world, funding of treatments, etc.
The foundation works closely and in full cooperation with the sociological and medical teams and keeps up to date with each child’s progress and changing needs.
It is in our core belief that love and joy harness tremendous healing powers.

להושיט יד
Our areas of impact
Latest events
So this is us, we are here to ease the journey of the children and their families on their way to beating the disease. As many as there are challenges - are the ways we make an impact. We well understand what crucial role we play as a foundation in our children’s lives and have a deep sense of mission and responsibility to fulfill our calling. Our areas of impact vary from raising funds for medicine and medical treatments/operations all the way to the mental support provided by our volunteers who give their best just to raise a smile on a child’s face. The sad truth is, that each day we receive numerous new pleads for assistance from children who are battling cancer and other serious conditions. Due to the number of patients that we helped, we are able to improve and get a better understanding of the patient's needs and their families, and we added an additional ways of support.
Personal one-on-one mentoring by our volunteers to children battling cancer or disabilities, in hospitals or at the child’s home.
We provide financial assistance to children in need of costly life-saving operations or un-subsidised medicine.
We produce fun days out for the foundation’s children, their families, together with our volunteers and medical staff.
We provide financial assistance to families suffering from financial hardship due to their child’s illness.
For the foundation’s children and their families.
The foundation organizes 3 amazing trips to the US each year: one for children with cancer and their families, one for teenagers battling cancer and one for children with complex disabilities and their families.
We help families and hospitals procure special medical equipment and provide our children with shuttle service to their treatments.
Every year we celebrate the Jewish holidays with our children, in a wonderful event featuring famous performers, artists and actors who join us in our mission to make our children smile.
The foundation brochure
The foundation brochure contains information about foundation activities and recent events.