Adopt a sick child

From the moment cancer is diagnosed, the lives of all family members change in an instant, with each day, they face new, difficult challenges which threaten their child’s life.
The “Lehosheet Yad” foundation supports hundreds of children with cancer from all hospitals in Israel. We receive new requests for financial assistance with buying medicine and other pleads for support by the families on a daily basis.

With your donation, we could provide the much-needed immediate assistance to our sick children and be together with our little heroes during their battle for life.

Starting each month with a donation that does so much good and gives so much hope is a gift not only to a sick child in need, but also a gift to yourself.

With a monthly donation of 200 NIS over 12 months you could adopt a sick child and help us provide medical assistance to the child and immediate support for the family.

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With a monthly donation of 100 NIS over 12 months you could adopt a sick child and help us provide immediate support to the child’s family. You take part in our life-saving mission.

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With a monthly donation of 75 NIS over 12 months you enable a child and his family to receive personal support by a wonderful “Bnot sherut” volunteer.

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Adopt a child with cancer and be a part of our life-saving mission!

  • By phone

    We are here for any questions
    Sunday-Friday, 24 hours a day

    Worldwide number: +972-3-9090882
    Local number (Israel): *3788

  • By Wire transfer

    Beneficiary: “Lehosheet Yad Foundation – to Adopt a sick child”
    Bank: Hapoalim (12)
    Branch: 781
    Account: 606098

    For receipts of wire transfers call to

  • Donating by cheque:

    To the order of “Lehosheet Yad Foundation”, Rimon Center, PO Box 80, Elad

  • Rounding for the good

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  • Donating via PayPal

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