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The Helping Hand project

Aside from the terrible disease, the child has to cope with there are other challenges, making this already difficult time harder.
The child feels alone, different from others, friends slowly disappear, and the child has to go through this alone, with little to no social interaction. No one can really understand what it’s like.
To tackle this, the “Lehosheet Yad” foundation is operating the Helping Hand project, a nationwide “big brother/sister” project which provides assistance, chaperoning, mental support and friendship, to children with cancer and other complex disabilities. The program is staffed by our wonderful volunteers from “Bnot Sherut” and others.
The program volunteers are in constant connection with the children, meet with them in the hospitals, in their studies, and at home, go out with them on a variety of fun outings across the country, helping them with their homework, and “spoil” them as much as they can with treats and little presents, helping them pass the time with joy.
But most important of all, they are there for them as true and loving friends, because no one should go through this alone!

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