Volunteering in the foundation

Doing good does you good?

Satisfaction, joy, and excitement are your hobbies?

You have come to the right place!

Volunteers are the backbone of the “Lehosheet Yad” foundation for children with cancer in Israel, be it as part of “Sherut Leumi” or ordinary people who just want to do good. The satisfaction and wonderful, emotional moments our volunteers experience are what fuel their drive to continue their amazing work. The strong, beautiful friendships formed between our volunteers and the children prove time after time how strong is the link between joy and healing. Want to experience true satisfaction and be a part of a truly noble cause? Come join us! We can’t wait to meet you!

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Volunteering at the foundation as part of “Sherut Leumi” is done via the “Aminadav” Foundation. Take that first step and leave us your contact information. Your amazing journey is about to begin!
"Bnot Sherut"
"Bnot Sherut" plays a major role in our volunteering work and we invite you to take part in our ever-so-important, lifesaving mission. The foundation is active in various verticals and focuses on the support of children battling cancer and their families. On top of financial and medical assistance, the foundation also places great emphasis on recreational activities and events which drastically improve the children’s day-to-day lives and helps them cope with the disease.
For “Sherut Leumi” with the foundation - please contact “Aminadav” at 02-6231052.