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Jewish holidays mega-events

It often happens that because of their disease, our children cannot celebrate the Jewish holidays as one should at their age.
The lengthy hospitalizations and the heavy mental toll the disease imposes on the children make them just give up celebrating all together. We want every child to be able to properly celebrate the Jewish holidays in all their glory. Regardless of their medical condition or financial situation. This is the reason why during the Jewish holidays we organize mega-events for the foundation’s children and their families, all especially adapted and accessible according to their needs. At our events, the children enjoy performances featuring the greatest contemporary Israeli entertainers such as Omer Adam, Static & Ben-El, Moshe Peretz, and many others. The events also include other fun attractions and workshops and of course, delicious food. All this, just to allow our children to leave all the hardship behind for one evening and bask in the warmth of true holiday spirit.
The Lehosheet Yad Foundation supports children with cancer and complex disabilities in a variety of aspects from the mental and financial spectrum. We thank all those who lend a hand in making our work possible, the artists, the volunteers, thanks to which more and more children gain the mental strength to continue their battle and win over the disease.
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