You don’t need to be a doctor to save lives.
One-click of a button – and you saved a life. Seriously!
The life of a sick child.
The life of a family that’s falling apart.
Every donation you make is a lifesaver.
PLEASE do not just stand by.

“Lehosheet Yad” Foundation’s areas of work spread across every aspect of life for the sick children and their families.
Funding of unsubsidized medicine and treatments, general financial support, fun outings, and special social activities (see “our work”).
The foundation’s activities rely on the public’s donations and a large network of volunteers which enable us to give the children the best assistance possible.
Every aspect of our work, (even the smallest) when done the best way possible – costs us a fortune.

Our goal is to reach every sick child, wherever in Israel he may be and to provide him/her assistance with medical treatments and other needs. We place many efforts on finding creative solutions to assist terminally sick and children with incurable diseases by finding new, innovative medical treatments. We make all efforts to instill hope and optimism in the children and their families. True hope and joy that will help them beat the disease.
We have a dream, a vision, to build a dedicated treatment and education community center that will be the go-to center for all the sick children during their battle with the disease – a center that will include not only medical treatments and supplies/equipment but will also have classrooms, a cinema, social services and much more.
It is true that many of those services are already part of our daily work, but we still have a long way to go in order to provide the children a full, comprehensive solution that will answer every need in the best way possible. If with your help and god’s willingness, we could make this vision a reality – we could save more and more lives.

This is why we need your help!
Every donation you make brings us closer to fulfilling this dream.
Every donation helps us give the children a bit more space from the disease and a deeper breath throughout the journey.
The satisfaction of seeing a child who could barely smile for so long – all of the sudden smiling and smiling – is an indescribable feeling.
The smiles and good spirit of the children are a must-have prerequisite for the success of the healing process.
With your donation you become an active partner in all those amazing transformations.
You take part in putting a smile on a suffering child’s face.
With your donation you become an active partner in the saving of a child’s life!

Help us help them.

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    Worldwide number: +972-3-9090882
    Local number (Israel): *3788

  • By Wire transfer

    Beneficiary: “Lehosheet Yad Foundation
    Bank: Hapoalim (12)
    Branch: 781
    Account: 606098

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  • Donating by cheque:

    To the order of “Lehosheet Yad Foundation”, Rimon Center, PO Box 80, Elad

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