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Medical financial aid

Every child matters as if he or she was an only child.
Parents’ care for their child is nothing that can be even explained, what would parents not do in order to provide for their child’s needs?
And then – come cancer.
And cancer teaches the parents what the ultimate struggle is about, and actual “war”, that is made of countless bloody battles to save the child. And the costs? Oh, the costs! Think about a family whose parents are not working for months because they are consumed by the care for their child – how could they possibly afford the unbelievably high costs of treatments and medicine, especially those that are not government subsidised? Impossible.
This is where they need our help. With our years of accumulated knowledge, experience, and connections we are able to raise funds and awareness and then help procure medicine which otherwise – would have been out of reach.
We do everything we possibly can to make sure money does not stand in the way of a child’s life and future.

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