Saving little Yonatan

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“My son’s lungs could fail at any minute, he needs urgent surgery!”

I still remember being pregnant with Yonatan. I remember how I dreamed of seeing my dear baby… But two days before his birth, our life changed. An ultrasound scan showed abnormal changes in the baby’s blood vessels, and from that moment our life turned into a nightmare.

It has been two years since my dear Yonatan was born. In these two years, we spent more time with him in the hospital than at home. Yonatan was born with a rare liver malformation and a problematic artery that does not provide adequate oxygen from the heart to the lungs. As a result of this, my little son suffocates and cannot breathe. He is in constant danger to his life.

From the moment I first saw my newborn, bluish from lack of oxygen, I promised him that we would be together in this battle for his health.

Since his birth, we have tried various types of Yonatan’s treatments and consulted various specialists. We were looking for a doctor who would give hope to our little son.

His anomalous artery requires a series of surgeries that will allow his lungs to receive oxygen. It’s the only way to give Yonatan a chance to live. In total, he needs to undergo three operations, two of which he has already completed.

With each operation he has undergone, I feel my blood flow expands too and it becomes easier for me to breathe. With each operation, I have more and more confidence that he will live.

Now Yonatan needs a third operation, but we don’t have the money to pay for it. Yonatan has to undergo this very important and difficult operation at Stanford, California – and it costs a huge amount of money. We have to pay the cost of the flight, accommodation, and take all our other children with us – and we simply don’t have the funds for all this.

So far, we have been able to pay for everything on our own, but now all our savings have run out. I am very ashamed to ask for money, but I must save my son!

We don’t have money to pay for our little Yonatan’s surgery.

I beg you, please help us

For any questions or inquiries, please contact the offices of the organization by phone from Israel and abroad:

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הNote: All funds raised through the campaign are intended to cover all costs associated with the treatment and financial support of the family, including flights, food, accommodation, medicines and any support that will help with treatment and recovery both abroad and in general. . If after the end of the treatment there are funds left in the special account, then the rest of the donations will be transferred to other sick children and to the activities of the association in accordance with existing rules.


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