Save Noam’s Life from Cancer

Hi, I’m Sharon, 11 year old Noam’s mother.

When Noam was 3, he found the cancer for the first time. Neuroblastoma violent cancer.

Noam is my only son. He was born after difficult treatments and is my whole life. When I heard he had cancer my whole world flipped.

My body was shaking and I didn’t know how to proceed.

Since then, from the age of 3, for 8 years! For 8 years we have been battling a recurrent disease.

Every time we are told, “Here, the situation has improved, Noam is recovering from the cancer,” and then we begin to return a little, to a normal life of friends and school and routine.

Then the terrible cancer returns.

He’s not leaving! It is helpless, mad helplessness to see my child suffer this way.

He looks at me and says to me, “Mom, but why me? Why doesn’t this cancer leave me?”

And I, I have nothing to answer him in the face of all this hell he’s going through. In the face of all these terrible chemo treatments. In the face of the radiation, the vomiting, the feeling that his body was burnt from the inside. This loneliness that all the children are in school and he is in hospital again.

I have nothing to say in the face of this terrible pain, but I must be strong. I am the only mother for him and he is my only son. I don’t have anything else in this world except him.

This time the cancer returned for the fourth time in a particularly violent way.

I had to sit down with Noam and explain to him that it does not help that he does chemo and strain, because chemo does not respond.

He sat there in front of me and his eyes were full of terror. An 11 year old boy who has to live in fear of death. Then I explained to him that there was a special treatment for Professor Susan Cohen in the United States, a special treatment for children who returned to the disease. This is my last chance of Noam. I promised him, I promised Noam that we would do anything to reach this professor to save his life. We won’t give up now.

What I did not tell my Noam it that we really how to fly abroad. Since the outbreak of the disease with a sole provider, and I need to be kept in the hospital with Noam, there’s no way I’ll leave him alone.

I have no idea how we are going to fly our overseas Noam ” To. All the expenses, the stay and the treatments cost amounts that I never even got out of my mouth.

But one thing I do know.

No situation, no situation I give up, no situation I stay here and watch my child run out of hands. No way I’m letting him go.

And so I appeal to you, and for me I would not do such a thing. But that’s my kid. Noam my only son. I can’t imagine my life without it.

Please help me save him and fly with him to the United States, I have no other child. I have no other reason to live for her.

I beg, don’t let him go!

Reach Out – A cancer charity , regretting its flag to do everything it can to help children and their families. Both in the economic and mental pan, helped us to help them, and contributed today. Every donation saves lives. Because their smile is in your hands

ת, אל תתנו לו ללכת!

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