2019 Purim party

Please enjoy our 2019 Purim Party photo album!! A huge “thank you!” to the amazing staff of the “Xanadu” events hall who wholeheartedly donate their services each year. To our superstar producer Motti Lahav! To Liran Kohner – our amazing host! To the wonderful Yam Rephaeli, Yonatan Margi, Harel Skaat, Yuval Hamebulbal, and Kofiko who danced, sang, and joined our celebration, making so many children happy. To all the celebs who’ve come to have photos taken with our children. To all clowns, magicians, makeup artists, painters, hairdressers, and other artists – Big, big thank you for taking dedicating your time and talent to our cause. To “Tikkun Olam” for the wonderful gifts! To our lovely “Bnot Sherut”, volunteers, talented photographers – Shevi Kedem, Oz Schechter, Alon Ankonina, Moshe Bitton, Zvika Feldman, Avi Yaacobson, and many many more…THANKS!!


The “Lehosheet Yad” Foundation is a children with cancer and other complex disabilities foundation, helping the children and their families with the daily struggles with the disease and supporting them mentally and financially. We’ll continue doing all we can to provide the children and their families with the strength to go through this difficult journey.

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