2019 Hanukkah party

A picture is worth a thousand words…And a photo of our heroes is worth a million! The 2019 Hanukkah Party it was AMAZING! And everyone deserves a huge “Thank you!”
We want to thank from the bottom of our hearts all those who reached out to the foundation’s children and their families and allowed us to further ignite that light, needed to win over the darkness of the disease.
So first, a big, big “Thank you!” to Lago Events, for generously and warm-heartedly donating the setup of this event for the fourth year in a row. You are the best! Thank you to the wonderful Banya Barbie, Nadav Gedj, Moshiko Mor, and Asaf Goren for unforgettable performances.
Thank you to our beloved and talented Liran Kohaner and Motti Lahav for hosting the event and to all the actors and artists who came to make our children happy and have pictures taken with them. Thank you for all those who volunteered and to our vendors – the beauty teams, clowns, caricaturists, flower arrangement artists, animal balloon artists, the photographers, and souvenir magnets team, for all those who help us set up the recreation stations and treats assortments.
A special thanks goes to our amazing production company: ______ events and content production. To our wonderful producers who truly gave their all – Motti Lahav and Yael Ritblat. To the photographers who with their talent made sure we all have reminders of this day: Dudu Franco, Amit Maymoni, Sivan Faraj, Maor Ohana, Moshe Bitton, Yaacov Ohayon, Eclipse Media, Meir Lavi. Tablets suppliers – “Nightnet”. To the one and only security company – Sheffa Security. To “Tikkun Olam” who excites us every year with wonderful presents for the children.

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