Only two years old and already battling cancer

“One day my beautiful baby was just like any other happy girl, three days later – she was fighting for her life…”
“Just a few months ago, during the COVID19 days, we noticed something wrong with our baby girl, Ofri. My beautiful baby who just recently started walking and was already running around the house, started walking sideways. All of the sudden walks sideways and falls. That seemed suspicious and we rushed her to the hospital to run some tests.
After an MRI -came the news we dreaded, they found a tumor in her brain.
My sweet little Ofri, with the golden hair, the lively happy girl. She was rushed to her brain surgery and could not walk ever since.

It’s a few months now that Ofri is receiving aggressive chemotherapy treatments. She is agonising with pain, crying broken words. Every now and then she still surprises us with her joy through smiles that peek at us in the easier moments. Yet we see her suffering and our hearts are torn apart.
Ofri’s beautiful hair was the first to leave, she keeps asking “when will it return?”, “When can I have pretty braids like my sister?” … we have no answer to give her.
When they first diagnosed Ofri’s cancer, I was in late-stage pregnancy. I have since given birth and I still cannot understand how one can raise two babies when one requires all the attention, to be there with her in the hospitals with terrible treatments and unbearable pain, she is weak and in so much pain.
How can one survive in all this uncertainty? I have no idea, how can one maintain a household with two babies, when one of them is fighting for her life?
Besides Ofri, there are hundreds of other families who are coping with similar situations, and on top of all the worry and pain of fighting for their child’s life, their home is collapsing. They reach a point that they cannot provide the necessities such as food, utilities, and rent. How can a parent go on living with knowing that they cannot provide their child medicine that will save his/her life? Money – is what may determine their child’s life or death.
I know them and I know how it is.
Please do not leave us families out in the cold, we are all human.
We are battling cancer and we cannot win this battle alone.
We live in fear for our child’s life and we cannot handle one more fight – for our family and home!


Please help us cope and save our children, please open your heart, donate, and invite others to join, your kindness will help us reach our goal faster and give Ofri the chance of life she deserves. THANK YOU”

CLARIFICATION: The “Lehosheet Yad” foundation has set a goal to assist hundreds of families whose children are battling cancer. Among the areas of support provided to families by the foundation are the funding of treatments and medicine, rides to the hospital and clinic visits, rehabilitation sessions funding, mental support (psychological), household financial support, and any other need within the scope of the foundation.

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