Saving Alma Haya

Alma was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 9, cancer that has spread through her body. After a long series of treatments, chemotherapy, and hospitalizations, the cancer is back. Today Alma is 12 years old and battling a life-threatening cancerous tumor in her head. The doctors have recommended little Alma a medicine is not subsidised, a treatment costing $50,000 a year.
Alma’s parents are pleading the public for help. Alma needs your help to get the medicine that will save her life. Please don’t ignore their plead and be a part of the battle to save Alma’s life. We want her healthy, back home, and playing with her friends again. Everyone misses her so much. You can help!

  • By phone

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    Sunday-Friday, 24 hours a day

    Worldwide number: +972-3-9090882
    Local number (Israel): *3788

  • By Wire transfer

    Beneficiary: “Lehosheet Yad Foundation – for Alma Haya”
    Bank: Hapoalim (12)
    Branch: 781
    Account: 371074

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  • Donating by cheque:

    To the order of “Lehosheet Yad Foundation – for children with cancer”, Rimon Center, PO Box 80, Elad

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