Saving 5-year-old Nastya

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A small sharing can lead to a big change

“Mom, I can’t take it more, please end my suffering!” .

My name is Nastya and I am 5 years old. Please look at me.

I feel that I have a burning in whole my body due the chemo and I can’t stand on my feet because of the nausea and weakness. 😰

When I cry and ask Mom to save me, she starts crying with me.

Today, the nurses came to put me on another IV bag of medicine, and I couldn’t take it anymore -I was in so much pain.

I’m only 5 years old, why am I suffering so much?

I want to go home, go to school and play with my friends, but instead I have to spend all the time in the hospital room 💔

We’ve run out of money to pay for the treatment and my cancer is spreading. I’m really scared.

I’m afraid the doctors will tell us to leave the hospital!!

I am only a little girl, but I promise you, I’ll continue to fight this terrible disease.

Please give me hope and a chance to live!

I don’t want to die just because my Mom and Dad didn’t have the money to save me🙏


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