One small child cannot beat cancer on his own

“How can I see my child diminishing in front of my eyes?? I really can’t bear this anymore!”

“My name is Natalie, Itay’s mom, my dearest, a sweet, beloved child who just this year started his 1st grade at school.
I am writing to you here because I simply cannot take this anymore, that terrible thing Itay has to go through and so many other families that are in an endless battle for their child’s life. Children who barely lived to do anything in this world.

About six months ago, Itay started feeling not well. We rushed him to the hospital. After tests and examinations, the doctors invited us to a conversation and gave us the bitter news. Itay has been diagnosed with late-stage Leukemia.

My husband and I felt our world falling apart in an instant. Our beautiful Itay… how could this happen to you??

Only a few days ago you were playing with your friends and prepared your little schoolbag in excitement toward your first day of school…

And there we go… operations, treatments, he’s lying there on a hospital bed with all those tubes running out of him, crying for help in agonizing pain, begging for relief and I feel myself screaming to god “what is all this?? What is going on here???…

I can barely take it, my heart breaks, how come such a small child has to suffer so much?? Why do I have to fear that my 7-year-old child might die??

Nights after nights we could barely shut an eye, we are with Itay in the battle for his life.
We are lucky to have the “Lehosheet Yad” foundation by our side, helping us through all the terrible hardships of parents whose lives turned upside done in an instant, and we all fight together for the lives of our children who have yet to experience life.

In all this terrible chaos, our home is hanging on a thread, Itay needs us and needs our support every day, all day. Struggling to keep everything afloat – home, work, money for medicine… going through this alone and without assistance is practically mission impossible!

I am here to tell you that there are many families in Israel who found themselves in a similar situation – no money left to pay the medical bills, rent, or even food. How can someone live with the thought that money they don’t have is what stands between the life or death of their children? I could not think of greater pain.

I know them. I know how it feels.

I plead with you, please do not leave those families alone in their struggle, please do not ignore us, we live in constant fear of losing our child and it gets so much harder when we’re alone.

Any donation you make is a step towards saving a child, whose dream is to simply feel well and play with friends.

Please also help us to spread the word, time is of the essence and the sooner we can get the necessary treatments for Itay – the better chances he will have at surviving.”

CLARIFICATION: The “Lehosheet Yad” foundation has set a goal to assist hundreds of families whose children are battling cancer. Among the areas of support provided to families by the foundation are the funding of treatments and medicine, rides to the hospital and clinic visits, rehabilitation sessions funding, mental support (psychological), household financial support, and any other need within the scope of the foundation.

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