Fighting for little Itai’s life

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A small sharing can lead to a big change

“Mom, why are you sad? I promise you I will win, don’t cry!”

“My name is Itai and I am 3 years old. I had my birthday but I could not make a cake and bring it to my kindergarten because I am not allowed to go to kindergarten now. I always have to go back to the hospital and they put all these tubes in me that really burn and it’s very unpleasant. They also left a tube in my stomach so they can reconnect everything all the time.

A few months ago my mom tried to potty train me, like a big kid, But it didn’t work well… I would cry a lot when I would sit in the bathroom and mom and my teacher didn’t know why. Then one day Mom saw that I had something strange in my torso and she was really scared. We went to a place with many doctors who looked and had special pictures taken of me, I was not allowed to move at all. Then the doctor called Mom and Dad into the room and Mom started crying terribly and I was really scared. 

It hurts all the time to go to the bathroom because I have bladder cancer. I cry a lot and tell mom where it hurts, she is always sad, she hugs and tells me she will take care of me but I see she is scared. They do all kinds of treatments but it’s not enough and the doctors told us we need to fly to the sky by plane to a hospital in Germany for special treatment. I’m scared of this treatment but I have to do it. Mom says it’s good that I’ll get this treatment but that it’s very expensive and that we need the help of good people.

Mom told me I was a hero and she kept telling me to fight like a superhero and I always tell her that I love her and that I promise to be the strongest in the world. I am a world champion !!! But heroes also need help… I’m only 3 years old and this cancer is really big. Will you help me? 

I love you!! 



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