Adopting a family for the Jewish holidays

A small sharing can lead to a big change

We can’t just leave them in their time of need, adopt a family with a food basket donation for the Jewish holidays.

Every year, every month, and almost every week another family is added to the circle of families battling cancer.
In thousands of homes, at this very moment, an entire family is under the immense mental and financial stress of having to save a family member’s life from cancer.

At first there is suspicion, something doesn’t look right and then comes the diagnosis – the child has cancer. From that moment on, the life of the entire family completely changes, the daily routines stop and the chance to survive is the only goal ahead.

The children themselves go through terrible pain and suffering and fear is present every day in their minds and hearts, as well as of all other family members. The children go from one treatment to another, recovery is terrible, and the side effects leave them weak and in pain.
The parents are there, every day to support, giving their everything just to caress the child a bit more, give a healing hug, wipe the tears, feed, and encourage their child.

Those children, some are just babies, separate from their friends and any normal daily routine, they are often very lonely and missing the present time while all other children of their age enjoy a blessed, normal living.

These families go into a financial downwards spiral as one of the parents and in some cases both, are forced to stop working in order to be there for their child and can no longer provide for the family.

The medicine, operations, treatments, counselors – it all costs a fortune, and in the meantime, in this hell-battle, their household is falling apart.

Like every year, we help raise funds for the foundation children’s families who need our support in buying food for the holidays.

Every year, your donations save families and allow them to go through the holidays.

Adopt a family and donate a food basket for the foundation of children’s families.
They simply can’t do without you!

Small family food basket for Rosh Hashanah – 600 ILS.

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Medium family food basket for Rosh Hashanah – 1,200 ILS.

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Food basket for the entire family for Rosh Hashanah – 1,800 ILS.

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For a donation of any other amount.

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